Hi beauties!

Fashion and beauty has always been a passion of mine.

People, gurus and experiences have always inspired and motivated me. Unfortunately after my first year of design school I got caught up in a different career path and was pursuing that for much longer than I anticipated. I’m in a place where I want to pursue what I love to do!

I’ve always relied heavily on reviews and articles I search for on the web.

They range from all sorts of topics but I love to read about other reviews and opinions so I can get ideas and make decisions about all kinds of things that go on in my life! Now, I want to be that person that provides something for the audience too.

This site is all for you!

My goal is to share my experiences, recommendations and ideas on all things beauty. From skincare to makeup and fashion; how to’s and don’t do’s; I’ll be providing you all my honest thoughts and opinions. With that, my hopes are to help you with any questions or just have conversation! I hope my thoughts and reviews are meaningful and helpful in any way.

Email or comment if there is anything you want me to post, talk about or review!

Thanks & happy reading!




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