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When I started to change my lifestyle and diet, I knew I had to drink more water. Cutting soda and sugary drinks was one of the hardest things for me to do. Then, I found the perfect alternative. [[I also have a thing about eating whole fruits. Don’t ask me why or how… but I can’t just eat oranges by the slice; it needs to be in juice form at least.]] With that said, infusing fruit into water was a great way for me to start drink more water!

I’ve read countless articles of all the benefits of this “detox water”: detox, weight loss, energy, better skin… so on. All these things did happen for me but I believe a healthy diet and exercise factor into that as well. So onto the real question.

Is this the magic DIY potion for your skin? No. BUT hydration is important for over all skin health. I believe that detox waters help you be able to drink more water than you normally would.  In that sense, yes your skin will improve. It’s actually really hard to drink 8 bottles of water a day. Having my refreshing detox waters made it easier to drink a lot of water and improve my skin complexion as well!

Detox waters consist of a combination of fruit, vegetables, herbs or all three. If you can, try to buy organic produce. If you are adding peels and the outsides in the water, you want to keep out as many chemicals as possible. Don’t forget to wash.

If you are someone that needs to kick that soda habit or just don’t like the plain taste of water; try some of my favorite combinations and see for yourself!

1. Cucumber + Lemon + Mint

– Peel off the skin of the cucumber otherwise it can cause your water to get really bitter.
– Don’t replace lemon with lime (Unless you like the taste of lime…) Lemons give a more fresh taste

2. Strawberry + Lemon + Basil

– Prep for strawberries: remove stem, cut in halves or quarter slices.
– A tip on lemons; you can cut whole slices OR just squeeze the juice out!
– If you don’t like basil, try with mint!

3. Blueberries + Cucumber + Orange

– Cut orange in whole slices then in half

4. Strawberry + Orange + Lemon + Blueberries

– A fruity delight!

5. Cucumber + Mint + Strawberry

– So refreshing!

Other ingredients you can use: raspberries, grapefruit, pomegrante, rosemary, watermelon 

***Mix and match with your favorite fruits, veggies, and herbs.

***Something to keep in mind… Don’t get detox waters confused with juicing. Juicing/or Pressed juice is making a drink created only from the fruits/veggies you use. Detox waters are just a bottle of water with whole fruits infused into them to give water a hint of what the fruits provide (taste, smell, vitamins, anti-oxidants…etc)

***When I first started making detox waters, I juts took a bottle with water and put my ingredients into them, and let it infuse overnight. The only problem was I would get bits of my ingredients in my mouth when really I just wanted to water. Until I discovered actual bottles MEANT for infusing. Check out my top 3!

This Fresh Fusions 32 oz bottle is prefect for the athlete on the go. It has perfect handle grip and spill proof lock that everyone prays for. There’s a lot of color choices to match your style. Some other additions are an insulated sleeve and a recipe book. I hope you try mine but there are more in the book that you can try as well!

                                                                   Fresh Fusions 32 oz Fruit Infuser Bottle $14.97



The Ello Zest Glass Infuser Bottle $14.99 is just too cute! Rather than the typical fruit infuser bottle, you put the fruit into the bottom. Same idea, just different look. In all honesty, this bottle is better for drinking at home or maybe on your way somewhere in the car due to the type of top closure and the fact that it’s glass; you don’t want to just toss it in a gym back or backpack.










So, after you’ve tried this, you may end up loving it as an everyday water to drink. In that case, you may want to add a pitcher tonhave at home. This way you are infusing a large amount of water than just 1 bottle. This is may be more cost effective as you can just fill any bottle you have at home with already infused water from a pitcher. $16.99.

Fruit infuser bottles/pitcher make detox waters easy to prep and easy to clean!

I hope this article helped you face some facts about detox waters. They are not a cure all. They are great to help you stay on top of hydration and take away from ‘bland’ water. And in doing so, yes, you will see changes and benefits from it in your body and out.

Let me know if you already have detox waters in your routine or other recipes you like instead. Did you see changes in your skin? Or overall health? Comment below!



  1. I 100% find what you are saying true, its hard to drink the whole 8 glasses per day without feeling like it will come back out the way it came in…so this is what I do too actually. I infuse my water with cucumber + celery + mint + lemon, and I drink the whole day without complaining.

    I hadn’t really looked up the benefits of infused water but I am glad to know the health benefits from your website and it motivates me to stay on track now.

    Thank you!

    1. I’m so glad you do this! I can’t seem to get my friends/family on it. I literally only know one person that puts lemon in their water and that’s about it. Yet the same people are also complaining they are always dehydrated but hate the taste of water. Now, I can drink water by itself but I prefer it infused! Good luck and keep it up! You don’t want to over-do it but hydration is great for our entire body over all! You got this! ** Also I will try your recipe! sounds yummy!

  2. This is a great article and it is very true. Drinking water is very important and keeps you hydrated. I really am surprised when I hear someone say they really don’t like plain water. Adding fruit can help flavor water too. You offered the bottles to use and the recipes of what to put in them. This should motivate readers to get started drinking detox water. I put fruit, mostly lemon, in my water already but I will have to try some other fruits as well. Summer is here and we do need to be drinking more water.

    1. When I don’t have much time to prep fruits I just do lemons as well and it’s delicious and refreshing!. For some reason it seems even harder to keep up with our water intake in the summer. It’s probably because we are losing hydration at a faster rate as well. Let’s keep up with drinking more detox water!

  3. Count me in for the Strawberry, Lemon, and Basil combo, all my favorite ingredients and I get the detox benefits!? Sounds like a no-brainer. Appreciate the tips and I’m going to be drinking alot more detoxifying water 🙂

  4. Thank you for this post.  I’ll admit, I’m reading it while drinking a Diet Coke so I’m definitely looking to change my habits.

    One of my biggest issues is I’m not a fan of fruit.  I’ll eat the occasional apple or banana but I don’t care for most fruits and berries.  Herbs, I haven’t really considered but do like.

    I really appreciate the bottle reviews/recommendations.  I have the same problem you experienced.  When I do try to infuse my water, I end up with unpleasant bits in my mouth when drinking.

    Although you’ve provided some “recipes”, I think I’m going to try a few mixes of my own to see if I can find that perfect flavor combination that will make this work for me.

    Thanks again,


  5. I used to hate drinking plain water; it has taken me months and many different tricks to try to get myself to drink more water. I, like you, enjoy infusing water with fruits, veggies, and herbs which have helped me work more and more water into my day. I had no idea, though, that its called detox water. I thought that was something entirely different and chemically treated. Thank you for updating me, providing recipe ideas and a few of your favorite bottles. It’s going to help me win this battle against soda. lol

  6. This was a very interesting article. I live in the Baja, Mexico, and people here often make fruit flavored waters, but it’s not the same as infused. I have made many types of fruit flavored waters, but I will start making the infused ones now. Like you said, it is not easy to drink the required amount of water per day, and the taste of water (unless it is ice cold) is not that great. 

    The products you offer are wonderful and I found myself thinking of where and when I had seen them before. I saw glass infuser bottles in a store here months ago. The combinations you provide to infuse water are awesome, and are easy to make for anyone. I think you will have great success with this post, especially in summer or for areas with lots of heat. There’s nothing better than drinking cold, flavored or fruit infused water when it’s hot.

    I never had a hard time ditching soda (which I did years ago), but I sometimes drink coca cola, once a month or so; when I have a bad headache I sometimes take aspirin with coke. It seems to help 😉 I do need to make more fruit infused water though, and your post has given me some great ideas. 

    I think it would be great to share your post on social media, especially now that summer is here. I am pretty sure that people will click on your link. 

  7. This is great. I like many things about fruit detox water.

    If you haven’t ever tried infusing your water, it’s time to start.I’ve always had a difficult time consuming enough water throughout the day… It almost felt like a hassle.
    I buy frozen fruit from my supermarket and use that instead of fresh. It’s cheaper, easier to store, and it keeps my water nice and cold.

    One of my favorite uses is to put 4 to 6 whole smallish size strawberries, along with 2 medium sized mint leaves in the infuser.

    Have a nice day,


  8. I, too, am crazy about taking care of my skin and improving my health. I try to drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day. I also had tried Detox water several times. But to be honest I did not really see any results. High intake of water without any addition should improve the quality of your skin. I have also tried orange and lemon slices. I have tried pineapple slices and strawberries. I have seen, however, that the lemon slices reduce bloating so that was still a plus for me.

    I do love the combinations you put together and I have written them down to try them for sure. The images in the article are so beautiful and make you want to try everything. I have so many water bottles but you make me want to get one of the ones you posted. Hopefully, we both enjoy this journey and thanks for the great tips.

  9. Hello there! 

    First of all, thank you for writing articles about Detox Water. We need to drink water for our survival. I agree with you. But to meet the shortage of our body it is necessary to drink the Detox Water. I usually mix lemon juice with my water. From now on I will be more alert about this. Because it works 100 percent to maintain our health. 

    Thank you again for the inspiring post.

  10. Yes! I had the hardest time drinking water but when I started to infuse it with fruit it became tolerable. Love this!!

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