Early May 2019, Kylie Jenner launched her first skincare line on kylieskin.com and her followers went ballistic [or was it just me?]. What instantly struck me was the pink marketing and packaging of the products. I first saw the intro Instagram clip and was already excited for it.  Then I saw Instagram stories of influencers receiving their PR and the packaging killed me. I knew I had to get it even if it may not have been meant for my skin, I had to try it out.

The Products

The KYLIESKIN line consists of a foaming cleanser, walnut scrub, vanilla milk toner, moisturizer, eye cream and a vitamin-C serum. Additional items were the makeup wipes and travel bag.


The full cleanser set was $125. But you also have to option to buy each item separately ranging from $20-$28. The wipes are a set of 30 for $10 and the travel bag was $22. I was on standby at 8:55am PST and logged into the website at 9:00am.  There was a buffering moment where you’re “standing in line” I had to wait about 30 minutes berfore my checkout screen came up. Everything sold out on the initial launch day but there will be a restocks coming:
– June 5th 9:00am PST (Full set ONLY)
– June 10th 9:00am PST (individual items available)


kylieskin.com offers Afterpay which makes it easier for people that want to spread out their payments into 4.

I ordered on the 22nd of May and received my two full sets on the 25th then the additional items on the 29th.  Not sure why they sent the items separately but I didn’t mind it too much since I got my full set fairly quickly.

Supercute baby pink boxes and packing! I seriously love this color, and if you’re a pink lover or have a skincare packaging obsession like me, you may just buy it for that reason alone.  The quality feels nice and sturdy – and so pretty!

Claims/My Review

Kylie claims all her skincare products are Cruelty Free, Vega, Paraban Free and Gluten Free and suitable for all skin types. She promotes the skincare line as clean and fresh without being harsh on the skin. Kylie also spoke on what she likes for herself which is what she thought about when creating each product.

I started using the line the night after I received it.  History on my skin first: I have combination skin (oily in Tzone and normal-dry everythwere else, acne prone) and sensitive. I stick to a specific skincare routine for a while until I feel like I need a change (usually weather affecting my skin or breaking out too much).

Disclaimer: My review is based on 8 full days of consecutive use; it’s solely based on what I think of these products as they are.  I will not compare them to other brands because there are many other skincare products I’ve never used so I can’t claim if something is the best or worst. Just if I like it or not.

Makeup Remover Wipes: Has the usual resealable seal/plastic wrapped. The cloth itself feels dryer than I expected and thin. Once I started using it, it wiped off all my makeup fairly well. I didn’t have to use more than 1.  I’ll just say this off the bat, not worth the price ($10/30pcs). BUT because of packaging, I would purchase regularly if I didn’t have to pay for shipping.

Foam cleanser: I personally am not a huge fan of extra foamy cleansers and this one is very foamy. I did watch Kylie’s video and she says 1 pump is enough so I’ve been using 1/2 a pump which was more than enough.  I actually really liked the softness of the cleanser and felt it took the extra dirt off my skin. After washing, my skin feels clean and I looooove the smell.

Walnut Scrub: In 8 days, I used the walnut scrub twice. I love that it’s fragrance free and has that natural walnut smell. The scrub isn’t harsh but has enough exfoliant so you know its doing the job. I only used it around my nose and forehead area. Will probably have this scrub around as my go to exfoliant when I need it.

Vanilla Milk Toner: THIS IS THE HIGHLIGHT of all 6 products. It’s an alcohol free milky toner and feels great on my skin. [I will do a comparison post with an essence I normally use!].  It does minimize pores slightly.  My skin feels so fresh and hydrated after using this. I don’t feel like I NEED to put on anything else after. That made me wonder if this would really be considered a toner but it does what a toner should do so I’m not mad about. Kudos for a different take on toners!

Moisturizer: This is the one product that actually irritated my skin. I need to use a lot of product because it doesnt seem to spread around the face easily/smoothly.  Feels like I really have to force it into my skin. Which may be what causes the irritation because I don’t get any kind of reaction or anything bad like that.

Eye cream: I don’t use eye creams in my usual routine but since it was part of the set, I’ve been using it regularly. Feels nice and absorbs well into the skin. I have noticed some brightening from it.

Vitamin-C Serum: This was a surprising product for me. I always have problems with Vitamin-C serums because they tend to irritate my skin pretty bad. This one wasn’t irritating at all. If anything it calmed my irritation from the moisturizer. I’ve been using two pumps every day and night all over my face.  It helps with my redness areas. I wonder if I could use it as the moisturizer instead…? It is the most expensive out of the 6 products at $28.

Since I’ve been using the KYLIESKIN set regularly, my skin has been feeling very supple, tight, and soft. I started to breakout on my forehead on day 7, nothing to be alarmed about. I continued to use the products and it hasn’t made my breakout worse so I’m sure it’s a phase of changing products.

I do plan to use this entire line for 3 more weeks to see if there are significant changes to my skin. I’m looking forward to an SPF product and possibly travel sizes!!

So…Is it worth it?

I would say it depends on your budget or what you normally spend for skincare.  It’s not a bad line of products. I’m not sure if it should be considered ‘for all skin types’ since everyone is so different but it’s fairly close.

For me, the Walnut Scrub, Milk Toner, Eye Cream & Vitamin-C Serum are worth the cost.

Don’t miss KYLIESKIN’s next launch days: Note** Don’t give up when you need to refresh multiple times!

Wednesday June 5, 2019 9:00am PST (Full set only)
Monday June 10, 2019 9:00am PST (Individual sizes available)

COMMENT BELOW if you’ve been using KYLIESKIN and let me know what you think!


  1. HI, thank you for this review. I was actually wondering if I should try the eye cream and the toner. Have heard mixed reviews about it but not much explanation as to why they loved it or not. This was helpful. Thanks again!

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