First things first, I don’t ever prefer a full-coverage foundation. I like light to medium and have always stayed within that realm. I do reallllllly like the TarteCosmetics Shape Tape Concealer so, when I saw this I just wanted to try it at least. Since I don’t normally wear full-coverage I was pretty excited for what differences I’ll notice.

The cost is $39 on the website. It’s also available at Sephora but if you’re a first time buyer directly from Tarte, they always offer discounts for your first purchase!

Tarte states that this is a brand new formula to the Shape Tape Concealer so I’d assume it is supposed to have the same, coverage and blurring effects as Shape Tape. Claims to have a natural matte finish, transfer proof, waterproof and sweat proof. 97% of consumers claimed it felt lightweight and allowed skin to breath which was one of the perks I really appreciated with a full coverage foundation.


Packing and Product… As always, I love Tarte’s purple surrounded coloring and design. If you read my review on the Tarte Foundcealer You know that I didn’t like the “spout” of the pump. I like the spout of the Face Tape much much better. i can easily put product on my face (that’s how I normally like to apply product). Big jump in shades! 50! yeah, FIFTYYY shades along with 4 undertones. Some people may think it’s excessive but seriously, think about allllllllll the different skin types in the world. I thought 30 was a lot but 50 makes sense too! I’ve been more aware of skincare and makeup products in their ingredients and how their products are tested. Tarte is known for being Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Formulated without: gluten, soy, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium, and lauryl sulfate. Still learning in detail about most of it, but I keep an eye out for it. Even though Tarte is a company I’ve been using for years already. I just wasn’t aware of these things before.

Application… The consistency is only slightly thicker (very very slightly) that the Foundcealer so i was already expecting it to be lightweight and breathable. I primed my face with Tatcha Silk Canvas and applied the foundation with a BeautyBlender. I instantly noticed the full-coverage. I’m not going to lie, I was a little scared ONLY because it’s not my preference. But the feel WAS very lightweight and doesn’t feel “cakey” or too thick. It covered everything. I did the whole shabang on my face, Shape Tape and Tartiest contouring. Used Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Powder and Spray set with Tatcha Satin Skin Mist. I really liked how my face looked. It was FULLY COVERED and (image:
very flawless looking. Once I get a better camera I want to start posting high-qual photos of what all these products look like on me. But I have IPhone photos on my Instagram (logo link in top navigation).

After a whole day of wear, it did not budge from my face. I normally get VERY oily by the end of my work days around 4PM. Surprisingly, I didn’t get oily at all. I was going out the same night, and I just did a light touch up on my eye makeup. Didn’t want to mess with the foundation at all and was completely happy with my night out makeup. Bad on me, was that I fell asleep with this on. [[I KNOW I KNOW.. so bad]]. Fortunately it didn’t clog my pores bad at all. I am NOT saying you can sleep with this foundation on. I was just lucky that nothing crazy happened to my skin especially since I’m acne prone.



– Lightweight, smooth, matte finish

– FULL COVERAGE (for those that like full cov)

– Blurring effect for pores and fine lines

– 50 Shades to choose from

– Long lasting, Stays Matte all day (oily skin proof!)


– At this time, no cons.

Things to still test

– Not sure what kind of test I need to do for waterproof and transfer proof but maybe I’ll do an Instagram story for that.

Overall, I do recommend this foundation. I honestly feel like Tarte does very well with their formulas to just feel like skincare on your face. Some people may or may not like that. It’s not everyday wear for me but because it isn’t thick and heavy I will wear for special events.

This review is not affiliated with Tarte Cosmetics in any way. I purchased the product myself and providing my honest review.

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